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About us

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We are a consolidated company in the manufacturing and printing of folding packaging. We consider ourselves partners of our clients to give a superior value in each solution that we offer, helping the positioning of brands and increase of sales.

We have specialized in the food industry, which commits us to work under guidelines of Quality and Safety Management Systems to meet the requirements of our customers. In addition, we have an infrastructure for volumes of production that guarantee the objectives in a timely fashion


Brands that have trusted on Empalsa


Our solutions are designed to drive brand loyalty in the following markets

Fast Food

Our fast food packaging solutions are more than a container, it is an opportunity to offer a great culinary experience.

Packaged and Frozen Foods

Your products will remain protected while preserving their quality and freshness. A unique packaging will allow you to excel and position yourself in any market.

Wine and Liquor

We know that the wine industry needs high strength packaging. So, we combine our materials and expertise to provide the perfect packaging solution.